Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Music...

...I like it.

I have what one friend referred to as monomania. I tend to come across a song that is perfect for me in the mindframe that I have and I listen to it over and over and over.

Here are my top five most played songs, with the number of times I've played the song recently.

1. It's My Life/Confessions part II: 40 times. This is a performance by the Glee cast, a mashup of the two songs. Lots of fun.

2. Need You Now: 20 times. Performed by Lady Antebellum. Great songs. I love duets, so Lady Antebellum is pretty much a great group for me. Every song is a duet!

3. Electricidad: 19 times. By Jesse & Joy. This song gives me a lot of energy and makes me excited to start my day. I usually play it on my way to work. Twice each trip to work.

4. I Wanna: 18 Times. By All-American Rejects. Great song by a great band. They are quickly moving up my favorite band list.

5. Back to Me: 18 times. By All-American Rejects. This will probably move to the #2 spot within the next day or two. Three days ago it had only played 3 times.

Anyway, there you go. Today or tomorrow I'm going to write my A to Z lists again for songs and artists. Should be fun.

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