Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Imagination...

...sometimes it drives me nuts.

Here's the thing. Tonight I was planning on doing some research for a story idea that's been floating around in my head for a while.

The villain is going to be a skinwalker, so I wanted to track down some of the original Navajo legends.

I didn't even think about the scary skinwalker stories that I heard growing up near the Navajo and Piute reservations. All I thought was, "I need to research skinwalkers."

For the last two hours I've been afraid to leave my bedroom.


babbler said...

The fact that you are afraid to leave your bedroom is a scary thought! Break outta there and get a glass of milk or something! Visualize whirled peas! I know what it is like to have too much input......Come on over to visit us at Slug's Rest and stay a spell. I will become a follower of the blog so you can find us whenever you need to change your imagination channel. Or you can look us up at "Adventures of Mr. Slug and Friends." You will be fine in the morning.
Mrs. Slug

babbler said...

Hey - how do I follow your blog? Just wondering if I am missing something.
Mrs. Slug.

Adam said...

I guess I could be called brave as I face my fears and leave my bedroom. Of course, I turn on all the lights as I go.

I fixed it to show my followers. This also included the button to follow my blog. Hope that helps.

Thanks for reading!