Sunday, May 22, 2011

Things That Make Me Happy...

I deal with occasional depression. It's not bad enough to need medication, for which I am grateful. It does bring me down and cause issues until I deal with it and move on. I get so involved with dealing with my depression that I forget to notice the things that make me happy.

I've been working on being more aware of the good things that happen around me, even if they are small, so I thought I would share some.

In between quitting my job and getting ready for my wedding (more on that later), I stayed with my brother and sister-in-law. One day, as I was getting ready to leave to run some errands, I told my brother, Thearon, "Well, I'm off to see the wizard." He thought for a second, the looked at me and said, "You should ask for some courage." I was a little puzzled. I got the reference, of course, I'm a huge Wizard of Oz fan, but I didn't see how that particular reference applied to me. So I said, "Why do you say that?" Thearon said, "Well, you already have brains and a heart."

I grinned about it for the next two days.

I quit my graveyard shift desk clerk job. I no longer have to deal with astonishingly stupid people every day. This definitely makes me happy.

She'll get after me for not putting this first, but I married Chelsea nine days ago, on Friday the 13th. We kept things simple and as stress-free as possible. We enjoyed the short ceremony and our brief reception. It was a good day and she makes me happy.

For our honeymoon, we road-tripped to Spokane to see the Broadway musical Wicked. It was a fun trip. Montana is surprisingly (to me) beautiful. There were several things that we thought were funny or unusual. Exit Zero in Montana is the tiny, almost dead town of Monida. Idaho Falls, ID, has no organization whatsoever. We drove around, trying to find somewhere to eat and were a bit confused. Near Anaconda, MT, we saw a obelisk-looking tower I dubbed "The Tower of Sauron." Turns out it's a smelter, which I found out after searching the area on Google Maps. Every Rest Area exit sign in Montana also lets the traveler know how many miles there are until the next Rest Area. I didn't hear Chelsea tell me she needed to use a Rest Area until I was already passing the exit. I felt bad, but we laughed about it. At least we did once she was able to use a restroom. In Idaho, we crossed Clark Fork I don't know how many times. And the department of transportation had apparently decided to repair most of the bridges at the same time. Chelsea and I both loved Missoula, MT. It is a neat city. Wish the university there offered a program I want.

Spokane was fun. We stayed within walking distance of the theater. We also enjoyed walking around the downtown area. We visited a fun shop called Auntie's Bookstore. We bought lots of books on our honeymoon. Walking the bridge over the Spokane River, we saw an abandoned nest with eighteen eggs. We saw lots of pretty birds and many birds of prey.

I was happy to get back to Cedar City, though, as I was very tired of driving. I drove the entire way. My car gets better mileage, but Chelsea can't drive a manual. I enjoy driving though, so it wasn't too bad, just tiring.

I'm happy to be married and I'm looking forward to going to South Korea. Which should happen in the next couple weeks.

We hope.