Thursday, December 25, 2008

Random Thoughts....again...

First of all: Merry Christmas! It's been a fun day so far. I came over to my sister's house last night, then slept here. This morning was fun with the kids. I even got to play Santa last night, as I brought my entire Lego collection and gave it to my 4 year old nephew, who is just getting into Legos. He was so excited.

Maybe I should have waited. He got several Lego sets this morning, but almost seemed blasé about them, perhaps due to the massive quantity I gave him last night. He still asked me to help assemble one set, though, so maybe I was reading his reaction wrong.

It was a fun morning, and I feel thoroughly spoiled. I think my favorite gift, based on how much it made me smile, was the Muppet Penguins I received. Awesome!

Next random thought: We are each a beautiful snowflake that will melt in hell. I read this on a random online comic, and just about died giggling.

Last random thought (for now): I've recently realized that I really want someone to sleep with. No, not have sex with. Actually sleep with and cuddle with. I just want to be close to someone.

Real last random thought ( apparently lied two minutes ago): If I am unable to find a good job, and end up having to work fast food (seems likely at the moment), and I still haven't found a better job by March, I think I will enroll in the Utah College of Massage Therapy and work part time. I could change my mind, but that's what I've been thinking.

Okay. Done now.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Can't Stand the Memories...

Not really, but I liked the idea of that title.

I've got a new project.

Why, yes, I am desperately trying to distract myself from the insane job situation I've got. Why do you ask?

I'm currently in the process of scanning in every picture I've got. Mostly from the negatives, as long as I have the negatives. I use the actual pictures when I have to.

I found my senior picture proofs. They're kind of funny. A couple look good.

Oh! And I found the only picture I have of myself as Charlie Brown! Hooray!

So there you go. A little sneak peak at what I've been doing!