Monday, March 15, 2010

Hunh. Happy Birthday... me! Bwa ha haaaa!

Anyway, it's weird. The older I get, the less I care about my birthdays. They just don't really matter anymore. I mean, it's an excuse to go to Kanab and visit my mom, get a good, home-cooked meal and have birthday cake. All good things, but I can get most of that any time I want. Except for birthday cake. But if I asked, I'm pretty sure Mom would make a cake if I asked for it.

Yesterday I got a $20 tip at work. I didn't feel like what I did really deserved it, but I wasn't going to refuse 20 bucks. All I did was go into a hotel room that had already been vacated and locate the guest's billfold, which he had thrown in the trash. It will get mailed tomorrow. He was grateful, I was grateful, it was a grateful-fest.

I've avoided them for a long time because of my last name, but I'm getting addicted to the music of Crosby, Stills and Nash. I don't know about Young. Maybe later. Most of my coworkers have a passionate hatred for the music that plays in the lobby, but I enjoy it. I don't like every single song, but the overall mix definitely plays to my particular tastes. Sometimes I start singing along, get self-conscious, then realize there's nobody around and I keep singing.

Also, I need to purchase The Lost Room on DVD. It's a six-episode miniseries that was put out by SciFi in 2006, before they became stupid SyFy. It's a show about objects from a mysterious hotel room. These objects all have powers that change when they are used together. Good character work, as well. Worth watching. I'm so addicted that I'm dreading the end of the sixth episode. Hopefully it will tie everything up, so I don't feel like I'm missing something.

Hooray for new shows!


refugee from reason said...

Well, Happy Birthday, Adam. I was just trolling Blogger and came across yours. It's more than modestly compelling and that's refreshing. Take care and I hope your tips keep coming in the double sawbuck form.

Adam said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes! And thanks for visiting! Glad to have you!

julie said...

Glad you had a nice birthday and a really generous tip! Woohoo for both!

Adam said...

It made for a nice couple of days. Now to get back on my grave sleep schedule. :)

Exchange Advanced Administration said...

I absolutely loved The Lost Room! I sure wish it had grown to a series, a movie, something. Still want more - too years later!

Adam said...

At least it was designed like a miniseries, unlike Firefly, which was canceled before it had a chance to really get going.

Can't wait to get the Lost Room on DVD though, then I can watch it over and over!