Saturday, August 4, 2012

BEDIA #4: The Simple Pleasures

Here's where my way of doing this Blog Every Day In August really works out for me. I had scheduled myself to write about my efforts to find a job. That's an important topic for me and one I would normally be glad to explore. 

The other day I came up with a wonderful idea for a blog post, so I'm going to use it here. The idea? Well, it's in the title. I want to explore and explain some of the little things that I find very pleasurable.

I love popping bubble wrap. I'm not really sure why. I like it so much that I'm disappointed when something fragile comes wrapped in something other than bubble wrap. When I start popping the little bubbles, my body releases all sorts of endorphins and makes me happy. If I'm having a bad day, popping bubble wrap can turn the day completely around.

Along those lines, I really enjoy popping my zits. Especially when it explodes and sends the goo into the mirror, blemishing my reflection. I clean the mirror after, of course. If I pop a zit and it doesn't launch a projectile, I'm rather disappointed.

I don't like getting sunburned. It tends to be painful for an extended period of time. I do, however, enjoy the aftermath. I love it when a sunburn starts peeling. I get so much enjoyment out of peeling the dead skin off, going carefully to peel as large a piece as possible. I don't even mind when I peel the skin to far and expose skin that isn't ready to be exposed yet. 

The previous two make my eczema a joyful pain. It's a skin condition that gets worse with stress. It starts with tiny bubbles under the skin. Once these bubbles dry, they leave flaky, peeling skin behind. So there are bubbles I can pop and skin I can peel, all with the same condition? Perfect for me. 

I love getting into a bed made with freshly laundered sheets. If the sheets are cold, it's even better.

I love getting my hair cut, as long as the stylist doesn't talk to me. That's one of the most relaxing activities I do. Well, did, as I shave my head now.

I like standing in the rain without an umbrella. I love the smell of rain in Utah. It's different here than anywhere else I've been. When it rains I also love being inside, listening to the sound of the rain on the room. I like sitting near a window and reading a book while it rains.

I love eating ice cream in the middle of winter.

I love the scent of a book when I open it to read.

What are some of your simple pleasures?



RiaTheOne said...

What a fun post Adam! I even giggled. I like to giggle. Especially when I scare my dogs, my boys are gross or my hubby is being silly.

I like to edit when I write, now I write mostly work stuff, to get people informed or ecited about things, technical....and the editing always takes four times as long. Do you do thag?

Adam said...

It depends on what I'm writing. I don't do much editing here on the blog. What you see is what originally came out of my head. About all I do is make sure my spelling is correct.

When I'm writing essays or stories, I don't edit until my second draft. First draft is hand-written. Second draft is when I type the essay. I tend to edit and expand when I type. Then I'll print out a copy and go through with a pen and make corrections and add thoughts. Type those up, then print out and edit again. After one or two more times, which will include suggestions from people who read the essay, I'll feel it's close to finished. It's a lengthy process.