Saturday, August 18, 2012

BEDIA #16: My Computer

My laptop has put up with some serious use. My last laptop lasted about 4 years before it was just too much of a dinosaur to deal with anymore. 

My current laptop isn't a dinosaur, it's just having some physical issues. It has three USB ports; two on one side, near the DVD drive, one on the other side. The two by the drive have this problem where they collapse into the computer, so that if you try to plug any sort of USB into them, they push further back. I have a multi USB attachment on the other side, but I like to have use of all my ports, because sometimes I need all of them.

I fixed this problem once before, and I can do it again, I just wish I didn't have to.

And I certainly don't want to shop for a new computer. It's not necessary and I can't afford it anyway.

Stupid technology.


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Lance Vartanian said...

Hi Adam! It’s such a pain whenever computer problems occur, but at least you have some technical skills to show. I’ve always wanted to fiddle into my computer whenever I’m having problems with it, but I’m always told not to because it might further up the trouble. It must be empowering to repair a computer on your own, even if it’s just a physical problem. What problems did you encounter with your previous one? 4 years was quite long, by the way.

Lance Vartanian