Saturday, June 9, 2007

Threads of Fate

The threads of Fate tie me
to the decisions I've made
in the past,
their accumulated strength exceeding
iron shackles and chains.

The weight of responsibility
for those decisions

pulling me backwards, away
from the light of decisions
I wish to make, the way
I wish to go.

Tiring of the constant struggle,
I wish to rest,
sliding back one step,
giving up ground won in
hard-fought, tear-drenched battles,
hoping the brief rest will grant me
the renewed strength to


win back that precious ground, and
then some, knowing that this
won't end until

I give up


I am free.


julie said...

That's amazing. Absolutely amazing.

I pray for your strength and your eventual freedom.

Madman said...

Thank you!

So what was amazing about it? Just out of curiosity. Because I was rather pleased with how it turned out.

So I'm definitely interested in someone else's views.

julie said...

I love how the words convey the struggle. I can feel you straining against the ties that bind you, the frustration when you backslide due to fatigue, and also the glimmer of hope that you'll win the battle, eventually. Not only the words convey the message, the format contributes greatly. For example, how "slowly" is on its own and how there are large spaces between the last three lines.

Really amazing. It's very touching, powerful. Thanks for sharing it.