Sunday, June 17, 2007


Lots of different ideas running through my head right now. So, lucky you! You get to read all of them, in a slightly shorter form than you might have, had I decided to flesh these out to make full posts.

Labios Compartidos (Shared Lips)

A song by Mana, a Mexican rock group whose music I really enjoy. The basic idea of the song is a love triangle, from the point of view of one of the two guys in love with the girl. One line says "I can no longer share your lips." What I love about this line, is that it is so ambiguous that it could mean he can't share her lips any longer because she's already left him, and won't be his to kiss any more. Or, it could mean that he's found out about the other guy, and is no longer willing to share her lips with that guy, so he's ending the relationship. Every time I hear this song, if I think about the words, it makes my heart ache.

Britain's Got Talent

If you can, go to and look up some clips from this competition. Especially with the names Paul Potts or Connie Talbot. Paul is a cell phone salesman who entered the contest and sings opera. His voice is absolutely incredible, but what gets me is his countenance while singing. It's so obvious while he sings that singing and music are the of absolute importance to him. In an interview he says that he has always suffered with a bad self-esteem and that singing is the only thing he's ever felt he was good at, and that even when he was being bullied, his voice was his friend. He could go home and sing and everything would be okay. Both songs that he sang on this program have absolutely moved me to tears. With the first time he sings on the show, you can tell the judges are ready for a horrible performance when he tells them he sings opera. Then he starts, and their jaws just hit the floor; they are flabbergasted.

Connie Talbot is a cute as a button six year old with an amazing gift for singing. Her audition piece was "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" which is a song I love anyway, but she puts so much feeling into it (even at six) that after three notes, I was in tears.

Yes, I cried quite a bit this evening.

My Muse

I had a visit from my itinerant muse this week. I actually completed several drawings while at work over two or three shifts. And I wrote the poem I posted in the previous post. And I've managed to get the majority of the lyrics for a song I've had in my head for a while. And, apparently I need to learn guitar, because this song is a guitar song. I feel really creative, and that's very nice after such a long drought.

New Poem

I was looking in the mirror today as I was washing my hands, and I noticed my eyes, and I said to myself, "Today my eyes are blue." That struck me as poetically significant, and I'm digesting that line to create a poem around it. I know the basic form, but not the content. Does that make sense?

Mom's favorite topic

I had an interesting "revelation" today. I figured out that I'm a pretty decent fellow and that I'm worth waiting to find the female that will accept me and love for who I am. So there!

Of course, who knows how long that idea will last?

Anyway, those are the things running through my head at the moment. I thought there was another, but I can't remember it, so you don't get to read it. Sorry!


julie said...

I'm glad your muse visited and that you're feeling all sorts of creativeness!

I agree, you are a decent fellow.

julie said...

More than decent, actually.

Cardine said...

Wahoo for Mana!!!

Madman said...

Hooray! Someone else that really likes Mana!

julie said...

So...I finally checked out Britain's Got Talent. Wow. I only watched Paul (twice), Connie, and the Monkey guy because I didn't have a lot of time, but I loved their performances. Oh, and I watched when Paul was announced as the winner and sang again. Wow. I got chills every time he sang. I'm so glad he won!