Monday, May 24, 2010

Tonight's Not the Night, Either...

I'm still putting my thoughts together about music. I had a good line of thought going, but was thrown completely off kilter by a call I received at work.

I work the grave shift at a hotel. Tonight I received a call inquiring as to the room rate. I told the man what the rate was for two people and a dog. He asked if it was okay to rent the room to film an adult movie.

I asked how many people would be in the room. He said just two and the dog. One cameraman to film the caller having sex with the dog. I then told him that I wouldn't feel comfortable renting the room for the purpose of making an adult film as I do not know the manager's or the hotel chain's policies on the matter.

He got really defensive. He asked if we allowed dogs. I said yes. He asked if we allowed people to have sex. I said sure. He then asked why I wouldn't allow him to rent. I told him again that I wasn't sure on the policy and didn't feel comfortable.

He then asked if it was because of the bestiality. I told him that his personal practices weren't any business of mine. He pursued the point, trying to make it a case of discrimination. He asked if I was against bestiality. I told him it wasn't my cup of tea. He then asked if necrophilia was, and that he could bring a dead girl instead of the dog.

At this point, I said, "I'm sorry, I'm hanging up now."

I swear this actually happened tonight. I'm not sure if it was a prank call. If a call is a prank call, I can usually hear laughter in the background. There was some people noise in the background, but no laughter. And he seemed truly offended that I was against bestiality.

It was weird. So now my thoughts are rather jumbled. I promise a post on music is coming. Tomorrow most likely.



refugee from reason said...

Great story...and you apparently showed maximum poise. Thanks for the interesting, to say the least, post.

tiredfairy said...

wow, the amazin things people do! Have to say this blog really cheered me up tonight, who knew working in a hotel could be so interestin :)

julie said...

Oh my gosh! What a story! I'm so glad you shared made me laugh. I would've been dying if I were you. :)

Adam said...

I had to share it with somebody, so why not everybody?

Glad you enjoyed it.