Sunday, May 2, 2010

Summer Reading List

It seems like a good idea.

I've read a couple lists recently where quite a few people are planning to read 16 books in the 16 weeks between now and when the fall semester starts. I like that concept, but the books I wanted to assign myself to read aren't books that I can read that quickly. If I finish early, I'll pick some more, but I want to start with a somewhat reachable goal.

Also, I will be reading a lot of books that are fun, quick reads. Books I've read over and over again. So those won't count towards my list, though I may mention them in future blogs.

Here's my reading list:

1. Don Quixote de La Mancha: (In Spanish) My very first semester at SUU, I took a class where we were supposed to read this book. By the middle of the semester everybody, including the professor, had purchased the sparknotes summary. Not an effective class, but I've been meaning to read this book since then.

2. En la Ardiente Oscuridad: (In the Burning Darkness). Spanish play about a University for blind students. I read this while at Dixie, and enjoyed it, but I want to read it again, now that I understand Spanish literature a little better.

3. Les Miserables: (Lez Mizzer-rabbleez) Actually going to attempt to read this in French. I only own the first half of the story, so that's what I'll read. I imagine it will take forever. I would much rather have some Hugo poetry books to read, but I'll take this in the meantime.

4. I have a book of French poetry that I haven't read yet. So it goes on the list. I can't remember the title.

5. On Writing, by Stephen King: I don't want to write like Stephen King, but my creative writing professor read some snippets from this book and King makes some points that I find very useful. So I'm going to read the entire book on my own.

So there's my reading list. Really looking forward to summer now. I have two very big novels to read in foreign languages, two smaller works in the same two languages, and a helpful book on writing.

Should be fun!


refugee from reason said...

Admirable list, though "En la Ardiente Oscuridad" is more than a bit obscure for me.

I noticed that with the exception of "On Writing," there wasn't anything "modern" on this list, so I thought I might step out here a bit and make some recommendations:

"Herzog," Saul Bellow (Probably, my all time favorite book)
"Minutes of the Last Meeting," Gene Fowler (Quite obscure; the story of John Dekker,John Barrymore, Sadakichi Hartmann and W.C. Fields; but a great read and very funny)

I read a lot of contemporary fiction, mostly mysteries, and bought a Kindle about a year ago. Subsequently I found, which has literally thousands of ebooks and I've taken to rereading classics. My Kindle list is at

Take care.
"Missing Links," Rick Reilly (Perhaps out of place on this list and a book that's ostensibly about golf, but really not. The cover has a quote, "Three laughs on every page," and it's true.

refugee from reason said...

PS: My Kindle list is also on my Blogger site...forgot about that

Adam said...

Nice! Thank you!

If I get through the ones I've got, or get bogged down with the foreign languages, I'll definitely give them a try.