Saturday, May 22, 2010

Step On Out Part 2

I just recaptured a little bit of my childhood.

I went to Groovacious Monday to see if Tim could order in a copy of Step On Out by the Oak Ridge Boys. His normal supplier didn't have it in stock, but Tim said he'd try a couple other places and let me know the result. I got a call from him this evening saying that the CD had just come in.

I bought the CD and listened to it as soon as I got home. No wonder I wore out the cassette tape I owned in the 80s.

I enjoyed each song. When I listen to a song, I use iTunes' rating system. Step On Out had two five-star songs, seven four-star songs, and one three-star song. That makes it one of the highest-rated albums I own. Now, nostalgia may be coloring my judgement, but it's my song library and I can rate it how I like.

I honestly can't wait to listen to the album all the way through again.

It made my day.


refugee from reason said...

"No wonder I wore out the cassette tape I owned in the 80s." Wow, when did you wear it out. I had to borrow a cassette player recently to copy some family interviews over to CD...and I had trouble finding someone who had one.

Oak Ridge Boys: Well worth the effort.

Adam said...

I haven't had a cassette player in probably 4 years. I wore out the Oak Ridge Boys tape by 1991.

I'm so glad I finally acquired the cd.