Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Today. Plus: My Life in Review: Red Robin

Today has been a good day. As a whole, I mean. Things that haven't gone as planned are: couldn't find a book to buy, even visiting 3 book stores; didn't buy the new Buffy comic book, as the shipment came in late; and it was hot!

Overall, I felt lucky. I went to the Devil's, I mean, the University Mall here in Provo. I found a parking spot that was super close to an entrance. I don't mind walking a distance, but it was nice. In the GameStop, I found a game I've been looking for for a couple weeks, and used store credit to buy it. At the Towne Center mall, I found another close parking spot. (What are the odds? Two in one day?)

These may be little things, but they feel very lucky.

I've decided to start reviewing some of my activities. Not necessarily the things I do every day, but special occasion activities. For example:

Today I went to Red Robin. I really wanted a burger today, and that was the closest non-fastfood joint. I ended up waiting about 5 minutes for someone to notice me and seat me. The service was slow in general. I like Red Robin's decor, so that's a plus, and I really liked the elevated toy train that circled the bar. The "background" music was a mix of eighties tunes, so that's right up my alley. May not be for everybody, though. And it seemed like the volume was a touch high, but the other tables seemed to be able to converse fairly well.

I ordered the Chili Cheeseburger. It sounded good, but most places serve chili that's too hot for me. This one was just right, though. I loved it. Easily the best part of the entire experience. I really like Red Robin's fries, so that was a plus, as well.

My waiter seemed really indifferent and not all that attentive. When I eat alone, I usually like to tip about $5, as I really enjoy getting $5 tips. However, his service got his lowered to $3.

Overall, my rating of this restaurant is: Won't be going back, even with the really tasty chili cheeseburger.

So there you go! I plan on reviewing movies and other events as well, in the future.


julie said...

Glad you had a good day. Too bad about not being able to buy the Buffy comic book and not finding anything else to buy! I laughed about the "Devil's mall". Too funny!

I haven't been to Red Robin very often, so I can't comment about their service or their food. I'm glad you enjoyed the food - you really wouldn't ever go back because of the service???

The Robinsons said...

We go to red robin at least once a month if not more! Our kids LOVE it because they get a free balloon and derrick and I can't get enough of the burgers, etc. Their food really is good. Sorry you had a bad waitor!

Madman said...

I'll probably go back one more time and give them another shot. They do have good food, I just wish they had a burger-burger. Too many gourmet choices, really.

It takes me forever to decide what to get.

But the "not going back ever" was probably a little drastic. I did feel really ignored, though.

Oh well.