Thursday, July 9, 2009

Decision Made!

Well, I've come to a decision. Well, I guess I've come to four decisions, really.

Here are the schools I'm going to apply to, with handy links, if you wish to look at the university's website:

Washington State University in Pullman, WA. I like the program, and I like that they give their Graduate Teaching Assistants (TAs) an office.

University of Oregon in Eugene, OR. Can't remember the particulars, but I like this program. Not that this had any bearing on the decision, but my favorite bishop ever lived in Eugene for quite a while.

Sacramento State University in Sacramento, CA. I liked the Spanish program, but what put this one over the edge was the fact that in the summer of 2011 they are having a travel study program going to Peru!

University of Nevada, Reno in Reno, NV. I really enjoyed the look of the program and "felt" like a good fit.

You would not believe how much stress this search has caused. I didn't let intimidation keep me from liking a program, but some of these programs have very, very intimidating reading lists for the Masters program. And I don't read all that fast in Spanish. Terrifying!

Oh well. Next step: getting ready for the GRE, again.


julie said...

Congrats on achieving your goal! Woohoo!

I bet it's a relief to have chosen the programs and to now know what you'll need to do to apply and get accepted.

I didn't look at the websites, but they sound like good schools.

Good luck!

Leta-Kaye said...

Looks like a good list! Yay you!

Although I'm still working on the B.A., I've had lots of classes that were combined 400/600, and I can tell you firsthand that the Spanish professors at UNR are excellent. Although I'm sure ALL the schools have great teachers!

Good luck on your GRE!

Madman said...

Thanks you two! I'm excited by the prospects, but already dreading all the reading. And the process of applying and waiting to see if I get in.