Saturday, November 1, 2008

Casting Call....

I've been reading "The Belgariad" recently and I just barely started on "The Malloreon." I don't really think there's much of a chance that this series will ever be made into movies. It's way too big, for one thing, and it's just not popular enough, for another. However, I did decide that I want to do a very geek thing and cast the actors who I think would fit the characters.

The nice thing about a fantasy cast is that I can choose from a lot of actors. Some of them might be dead already. Some may have only fit the role 10 years ago. In those cases, I'll make special mention. For some characters, I may have 2nd or 3rd choices, but not necessarily for everybody.

Belgarion: Jeremy Sumpter, aged to the right age, of course. This is a character I just don' t have a clear idea of who I'd want to play him. Jeremy did a good job in the live-action Peter Pan, and he looks the part, mostly. Suggestions for alternates?

Polgara: Marina Sirtis, she played Deanna Troi on Star Trek: the Next Generation. She's beautiful, has dark hair, and a very womanly figure. Plus, playing Troi, she was very compassionate and empathic. Very important. My second choice would be Kate Beckinsale, of Underworld and Van Helsing fame. In Underworld, she projected a sense of power and confidence, but she just seems a little too skinny to me.

Belgarath: Richard Harris. For basically all the reasons he played Dumbledore. He can be wise, playful, caring, and powerful. Plus, he could play a double role, and do Zedar as well, since they are described as being nearly identical.

Durnik: Russell Crowe. In Gladiator, he had the beard, and looked good in it. Have him play the gentle smith with the same touch he played a warrior and he hits it out of the park. My other thought is Jonathan Frakes, who played Riker on Star Trek, Next Generation. He rocks the beard, and has a nice, gentle nature to him.

Ce'Nedra: Amy Adams, of Enchanted fame. Maybe get her when she's in her late teens, to play the range from 15 to 18 or 19. Use some of the Lord of the Rings effects to make her a little bit smaller than she is and it works. Plus, she's a natural redhead. Second choice? Alison Hannigan, particularly from the first season of Buffy.

Silk: Seth Green, but when he's older, and dye his hair black. He's small and wiry, and has a wicked sense of humor. My only other choice would be Bradford Garrison, an actor I knew at SUU.

Barak: Abraham Benrubi, who played Olaf the Troll on Buffy the Vampire slayer. He's big (6'7"), jovial, and looks pretty good in a red beard. I say let him have the role! He's not a known actor, really, but just look at pictures of Olaf, taking away the horns and greenish skin. I can see Barak there, can't you?

Hettar: Oded Fehr, who played the Egyptian warrior guy in the Mummy movies. He can be very intense, with a sly and understate sense of humor. Shave his head, give him the scalp lock and we're set, right?

Mandorallen: Karl Urban. As Eomer, he proved he can play a mounted knight, and his natural hair color is black. I think he could pull it off quite well.

Lelldorin: I'll admit. I'm completely stumped on this one. Book says reddish gold hair. Any ideas?

Relg: Joaquin Phoenix. Not perfect, I'll admit, but the dark hair, dark eyes works. And he was rather fanatical in Gladiator. Make him pale, have him work on his upper body, and it works well, I think.

Taiba: Jennifer Connelly, from when she was in the Rocketeer. Lustrous black hair, very tempting body? Check. Her face doesn't quite fit what I picture in my mind, but I'll go with it for now.

And the lesser characters we get to know better later on? Here's some, that I've thought of anyway.

Beldin: Anthony Hopkins, from Legends of the Fall. With some computer magic to make his body look right.

Beltira and Belkira: Let's go with Joel Grey, who I considered for Belgarath, but didn't like for that part.

Zakath: Alan Rickman. From the Dogma era. I would argue my case strenuously for this one. Of course, I really like Alan Rickman.

Velvet: Probably Scarlett Johanssen. She's got the blonde hair and the dimples. My only other thought was maybe Kirsten Dunst, but I don't like that as much.

Toth: I would actually make him black and give the role to Michael Clarke Duncan. The guy's huge!

Anyway, there are lots of others, but I'm out of ideas and really, really sleepy.


julie said...

Some of the people on this list are unknown to me, so I can't comment on them. Other than Richard Harris as Belgarath, I envision the characters as looking different than these actors. Is it wrong of me to hope, nay pray, that they never make this series into a movie???

Speaking of, did you see Legend of the Seeker? The first and second parts played last weekend. I wasn't impressed, especially with the guy who plays Zedd and the girl who plays Kahlan. I guess I just prefer the images I have in my mind. I dislike having someone else's image (even if it's the author's) thrust upon me.

No, I'm not opinionated. Not at all! :)

Madman said...

I don't think they will. It's too big.

They made Legend of the Seeker as a live action? Oh my gosh! That's awesome!

Oh, wait, I have no idea what that is. Sorry.

julie said...

Legend of the Seeker = Sword of Truth series. Sorry, I thought I had mentioned that - I intended to mention it. Oops. Thanks for the sarcasm though. Always a pleasure.