Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What I've Learned...

...while doing temp work for Zija International.

1) One of the zip codes for Flushing, New York is 11354.
2) Two of the zip codes for Jersey City, New Jersey are 07305 and 07304.
3) As much as I enjoy actually doing data entry, I don't particularly enjoy correcting data entry that hasn't been done right.

During this job I had to compare two different databases to make sure that all the information had transferred over correctly from the old to the new. It was very tedious. I had to go down a list of numbers corresponding to distributors, punch in those numbers and compare all the information. Each page had roughly 50 distributors on it. At the end, I was fast enough, and had developed a good enough system, that without any corrections needing to be made, I could go through the information and compare it in about 30 seconds per distributor. Of course, this depended on how fast the databases would load each page. Today, my last day, I had 6 pages left. I figured about 4 hours to finish it off, based on my performance the previous day.

Unfortunately, the newer system was down for two hours, right when I got into work at 8 AM. I'm not a morning person anyway, so not being able to do the job I am assigned and get out of there was especially annoying.

I finally got out at 1PM. So I upped the pace, basically, and kicked some serious ass!

Hooray for me!

Of course, this means I could have got out of there at 11AM, but, hey, that's an extra $20, right?

Oh yeah. I applied to work at the Discover Card customer service center, but they already sent me an email saying that they were considering other people. See? Now that's how a company should be on getting back to you, even to say, "No." I applied last yesterday. Now that's an efficient human resource department. I'm a little bummed that they didn't accept me, because they pay really well.

Oh well. There will be others, right?


julie said...

Good luck with the job search - I know you'll get something!

The Robinsons said...

Did you get Derrick's text about Bank of America? If not, call him. They just opened a call center in Salt Lake. He can put in a recommendation for you!!!! Let us know. Hope things are well up north. We miss you too...especially on fast sundays ;-)