Sunday, June 1, 2008


Well, I did it. It only took me 5 weeks, doing two hours a day Monday through Friday, with some weekend listening thrown in as well, but I finally got through the song list on my iPod from A to Z. And yes, I listened to every song. That's roughly 7 gigabytes of music, which translates to roughly 2000 songs. I could find out the exact number, but I'm too lazy to go find my iPod and plug it in to find out.

As to why I would attempt such a feat? Well, I wanted to listen to every song, to make sure that I had songs on there I truly wanted to listen to. I realize that not every song goes with every mood that I have, but I wanted to weed out the songs that I just don't really like, but have left on my iPod for some insane reason.

So there you have it. Mission accomplished.

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