Friday, June 20, 2008

Boy, What a Week!

Yes, it has been rather crazy.

Last Friday I went to the doctor and the dentist. I went to the doctor for a physical. So I got poked and prodded and got some blood drawn. Then I went to the dentist. No cavities, which was good, but the visit was painful.

Saturday evening, my back went out. I spent all day Sunday and Monday lying on the floor in my house, as it hurt too much to sit up. Had to take a sick day for Monday. So I found a chiropractor covered by my insurance (!) and made an appointment for Wednesday. Had to take another sick day. Chiro took an x-ray of my back. His x-ray equipment looks like the setup on MASH. Big, steel, personal wall with a window facing the spot where the patient stands. Looking at my x-ray, it was obvious my hips were slanted, that's how out my back was. So now I'm going through therapy with the chiropractor, two adjustments a week so far.

I am addicted to "So You Think You Can Dance," a competition on fox. I like ballroom dancing anyway, but my little sister got me addicted to this show. And last Wednesday I was moved to tears for the first time by a dance routine. It was an absolutely beautiful Viennese Waltz. It shocked me when I realized I was crying.

But now it's the weekend, and I'm not working Saturday.

Hooray for the weekend!

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