Sunday, April 13, 2008

Keep Moving Forward....

I just finished watching "Meet the Robinsons" two times in a row. The second viewing was with audio commentary from the director.

This movie really resonates with me.

If you haven't seen this movie, you need to.

Besides being a fun, touching movie, it presents a very important message: It's okay to fail. It's okay to make mistakes. You just keep moving forward, looking towards the future, not dwelling on the past.

Being such a perfectionist, remembering that it's okay to make mistakes, to fail, as long as I move forward from that mistake and do it better the next time is an essential concept. Otherwise I revert to the hyper-stressed individual I have been for much of my life.

Watch "Meet the Robinsons." Enjoy the fun gags and crazy antics. It's an all-ages movie, with something for everyone. But if you get nothing else from the experience, remember to keep moving forward.


julie said...

You know, I remember when you saw it in the theater and liked it so much. I still haven't seen this movie! Hmmm. I've been told lately that my watched movies list is seriously lacking, so I should do something about it. Maybe I'll start by watching this one!

Keep moving forward is a very good idea. Sometimes it takes all we can muster to not sit down and give up, but it seems to always be worth the effor to keep going.

Speaking of moving...what are your plans along those lines? Have you decided to stay put? If not, where are you thinking of moving?

Decisions, decisions. Gotta love 'em, right? Right???? :)

julie said...

I know I typed the "t" in effort, so there must be an error on your comments page that leaves off the last letter of random words. How rude!

Madman said...

Sure, blame your spelling problems on the website. I see how it goes.

Yeah, I'm still planning on moving. Right now the target area is Provo-ish. I want to live near my sister Di for a while.

I'll apply for schools again in the fall.

julie said...

It has to be your website, I have never left the "t" off of effort before in my ENTIRE life.

What other proof do you need?

Hey, on your move to Provo, IF you happen to be passing near here and IF you need a break, and IF it wouldn't be too weird, you could stop in and say hi. It would be good to see you. :)