Saturday, November 10, 2007

This is the Moment....

It's been a busy week.

I really feel quite exhausted. Let's see. I had some great sessions with a therapist my mom knew in College. She runs this type of therapy that gets to the point quite quickly. It's pretty interesting. I learned a lot about myself that I can use to be more
confident in myself, which will be nice. My therapist feels that my depressive periods are directly tied to my self-confidence and self-esteem. I would tend to agree.

Also, I still have my job, and that keeps me busy.

And I took the GRE today. So I've been trying to study for that as well. And here's the fun part. I've been stressed about the test, because it's a big deal, right? Well, I review the ID requirements, and it says my name has to match exactly between how I registered for the test and what is on my ID. Well, my registration confirmation doesn't show my middle name, which is included on my driver's license. So on top of being stressed about taking the test, I was stressed about even being allowed to take the test. But I think I did okay. I ended up scoring the same for each section, verbal and quantitative. That worried me at the test center, because I c
ouldn't remember what the max score was and I thought I would do crappy on the math portion. But I got 690 out of 800 on each section. All together 1380 out of 1600, which comes out at about 86%. So I have to feel pretty good about that.

Although it does prove I'm pretty good at guessing when it comes to math. I distinctly remember several questions where I said to myself, "I have no frickin' clue." So hooray for guessing!

Oh yeah, and I got a new desk from my Aunt Helen and Uncle Dan.

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Cardine said...

That's a really nice desk!

julie said...

Congratulations! What an amazing score! I knew you'd do well. I bet it's a big relief to have it done. So...does this mean you've decided to go to grad school???

I like the desk too.

Madman said...

Yeah, I'm looking at Grad School. I guess we'll see what happens.

I like the desk, too.