Saturday, September 15, 2007


There are people, and I've known one or two, who are so determined to be different from those around them that they go out of their way to tell you how different they are. All the time. It's all they talk about. To listen to them, the only music worth listening to is what they listen to. Nothing else matters. They are the only people around with any sort of fashion sense. Only they know what is cool or worth liking.

And yet, if you take the time to listen to their likes and come across something new they may enjoy, they come back and say, "Why does everyone think I like that band, or that style? I hate it!" Never appreciating the fact that you attempted to give them something new to enjoy, based on their tastes.

That bugs me.

Also? I really don't enjoy the sensation of vomiting. I've suffered through two occasions in the last couple weeks where I've started dry-heaving. The first was when I flew into the Phoenix airport on a 19 passenger plane. The next was this week, when I caught some sort of bug and woke up feeling ill. So I called into work, and as soon as I got off the phone, I had to run to the bathroom and started dry-heaving again. Luckily, I guess, both times I didn't have anything in my stomach to get rid of. Man, I really don't like throwing up. I don't know anyone who does, of course. I don't think even those poor people who suffer from bulimia actually enjoy the process of throwing up. I think that this is the first time since I was on my mission that I have actually gone through the process of throwing up.

Also? I thought you weren't supposed to be able to read in your dreams. Granted, I don't often remember my dreams, but last night I do remember reading a license plate, and knowing it wasn't mine, though the car that had been destroyed looked like mine. Maybe it's because it was a license plate, which is just random letters and numbers, but I distinctly remember reading the plate, and thinking, in my dream, that I wasn't supposed to be able to read that plate. And that is what woke me up.

Also? I like shakes. Especially chocolate.

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