Saturday, September 29, 2007

Interesting week...

Who would have thought that a warm shower could save my sanity this week?

It's really been kind of a crappy week. Nothing seems to have gone right for me, which, looking back now, can be attributed to a nice little bout with depression.

Said depression this week was probably the worst I've ever had it. I think I actually frightened one of my coworkers. I won't go into how, because I don't want to scare anybody else.

Sorry, no details for you.

One of the things that went wrong this week was that starting last Sunday, I didn't have hot water. And my back had gone out. So every time I went to take a shower, my body would tense up, making my back even worse. I don't mind cold showers, but I would prefer to choose when I take one, and I wouldn't choose to take one every day.

And then on Friday, I had a couple rough calls at work, early on. Usually after a rough call, I'll take a couple seconds to recover and then I'm okay. Unfortunately, one of my supervisors, who also trained me, was walking by and asked if I was okay. Of course, as soon as someone asked, I wasn't okay anymore. So I had a nice little breakdown and I had to walk away from my desk for a few minutes to recover again.

Back to the cold showers: they had actually been affecting my mood a little after the third day of them. I had filed a service request over the internet and was told that someone would contact me. By Friday, I was feeling pretty ignored and unwanted, really. I had a management company in the last apartment I rented that ignored a service order until I moved out. So I figured I had another management company that didn't care.

During my last break on Friday, I managed to find the complex office's phone number and called just to see if they had received my request. They hadn't, but Amber, the office person, said that she would get someone on the job and mark it urgent. I thought, okay, I'll have hot water next week, at least I can have that to look forward to. Well, I got home, and I could tell someone had been there, so I turned on the water, and I had hot.

I immediately took a 20 minute, nice warm shower.

And my entire day improved by a lot.

So yes, a shower saved my sanity this week. I wouldn't go so far as to say it saved my life, but it saved my sanity.

So hey, sane Adam.

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julie said...

The hot water in my apartment went out multiple times, so I totally understand how horrible it is to have a cold shower multiple mornings in a row. Fortunately, I have a great apartment manager who got it taken care of as soon as I complained - within hours actually. The problem was that sometimes I waited to complain because I didn't want anyone to go into my apartment until I cleaned it. :)

Anyway, I'm glad you have hot water again. Sad that you've been depressed, but hoping for happy days for you again really soon.