Sunday, September 16, 2007


Okay, so, I've been reading a particular series of books over and over again since the first time my first year at Dixie. It's called the Wheel of Time. I keep reading the series because the series keeps going. The last book that came out was book number eleven.

After the 11th book, I started looking online to see how long the series was going to be. I read on the site, unofficial, but with input from the author, that Robert Jordan promised the series would end in book number twelve, even if it was two thousand pages long. So I thought, okay, I can wait a while for that book, since it will end the series.

Now I wonder if the series will ever get finished. You see, I found out today that Mr. Jordan passed away at 2:45 PM. He apparently had a serious disease called cardiac amyloidosis. I don't know what it involves, but he had been fighting this disease for quite some time.

And as much as I would like to be able to extend my condolences to his family, I still can't help but wonder, "Will the series ever get finished?"



julie said...

Oh my gosh! That is seriously one of my nightmares. I worried all through the Harry Potter series that JK Rowling would kick the bucket and not finish it. I'm sorry to hear that Mr. Jordan died and now the fate of his series is unknown. If someone else finishes it, will it be as satisfying as if he had finished it??

Madman said...

He apparently told the rest of the story to his wife and his cousin a couple weeks before dying. His wife was his editor at TOR, so she would know his style very well, and he had a copious amount of notes on the series, so I think it will be finished just fine. I'm not too worried, as long as it gets finished.

donna said...