Sunday, July 29, 2007

Just Another Reason.... if I really needed one.

I tend to stay up late. I kind of think it's genetic, as most of my siblings have similar habits.

As part of my tendency to stay up late, I tend to want to do my grocery shopping late at night, sometimes after midnight.

As it turns out, it is impossible to find a grocery store that stays open past midnight in the near vicinity of Mesa, AZ.

I spent 40 minutes tonight, trying to find a grocery store. I didn't have a whole lot to buy, but I wanted to find a grocery store, as convenience stores don't tend to carry creme soda, something that sounded really good tonight.

So after 40 frickin' minutes of driving around, I gave up, and bought a Coke and a two liter bottle of root beer. And the root beer isn't even chilled.

I can't wait to move, really. Even the Super Walmarts close at 11PM here.

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julie said...

I must say I'm surprised! Last night, when you said you were going grocery shopping, I thought it was a good thing you live in a big city so you'd be able to find an open grocery store. Bummer!