Sunday, March 13, 2011

Las Vegas, Here We Come...

...and I am so ready for a vacation.

I am looking forward to spending a couple days with Chelsea. That will be nice.

Of course, there's the long-time bachelor in me that somewhat wistfully is wishing I could go alone, but he doesn't get a vote. Heh.

I really am looking forward to this trip. Lots of fun things planned. Some really typical tourist things, and some not so typical. We're going to visit Freemont St, as I've never been. Don't think Chelsea has either. The Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay. Go up the Stratosphere Tower. We're staying in the hotel there. Probably going to go to the M&M factory. Other things as they occur to us.

Oh yeah, we're planning on the Peruvian restaurant. Should be good. I hope.

Anyway, looking forward to a fun couple of days. Hopefully I'll be a little relaxed when we get back.

Would be nice.

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refugee from reason said...

Okay, living in Las Vegas, I agree with you about Freemont Street. It is, indeed, "Old Las Vegas," but a bit tacky. It's fun, but it's also a rant of mine: I have believed for years this area could be a major attraction, like Old Montreal or Old San Juan, with the proper planning and investment. That Zappo's has moved into the area, effectively saving the old City Hall is a good sign though. That said, just off of Freemont Street is a fine restaurant, Triple George, that's a bit pricey, but quite good.
City Center, a financial disaster and the most expensive private construction project in history is worth visiting. It also has a good collection of art,, as does the Wynn and the Bellagio.
Caesar's has the top stores, the Venetian, to me, is the prettiest inside and has Zeffirino's, an Italian coffee shop with, in my view, the best pastries in town, and a restaurant, also pricy (what restaurant isn't here) and it might be worth looking at old time Vegas on the Strip: The Riviera, which is not very appealing these days, but has a rich history and is being demolished.
Finally, if you decide you want to get off the Strip, Red Rock Canyon is beautiful, but a bit of a trek.
Enjoy your trip and I hope you enjoy our town.