Monday, November 29, 2010

Leslie Nielsen...

...died yesterday.

Not extremely surprising, as he was 84, but it was still a sad notice. On the entertainment websites, he is fondly remembered for the Naked Gun movies and his starring role in the Police Squad TV series. Heck, he's even canonized for Forbidden Planet, filmed long before he started doing comedy.

My favorite Leslie Nielsen role? As a general on MASH, in the episode titled "Ringbanger." His character keeps leading troops into hopeless situations and causing many injuries and deaths. So Hawkeye and Trapper manage to convince him that he is insane. Very funny episode.

I know he had a long career with many roles, but that's my favorite. Make of it what you will.



refugee from reason said...

It was sad...I'm not sure if I ever saw Mr. Nielsen in anything I didn't enjoy and out of which I didn't get a laugh. Making movies (I no longer see "films") that make folks laugh is a great legacy, in my view. He was one of those journeyman actors who worked all the time. I think he believed in the Michael Caine philosophy. Mr. Caine, when asked why he seemed to be in so many "bad" movies he responded that "I'm an actor, it's my job and I get paid for it."

I even liked Mr. Nielsen in his "bit" parts, e.g. "Happy Madison."

Many say I don't have "good taste" in movies. My response is I watch them to be entertained and Mr. Nielsen entertained to hilt.

JadeLuckMoney said...

I noticed that today in my newsfeed. Sad day indeed. Maybe we'll have a commemoration marathon after finals :p

Adam said...

Refugee: I definitely agree with watching movies for entertainment. I enjoy it when a movie makes me think, but I love being entertained.

Chelsea: I agree. I have several of his movies. I anticipate much laughter.