Monday, April 5, 2010

What Did They Expect?

In Portland, Maine a large group of women and men marched topless to protest the double standard of society in regards to men and women going topless. Here's a link to a news article. Yes, it's safe for viewing, the only picture is from behind.

In Portland, it is legal for anyone to go topless. You only get in trouble if you take it too far and show your genitals while going topless.

What I find amusing about this situation is that the organizer of the event was "outraged" by the fact that lots and lots of men showed up to ogle those that were participating.

I get where she's coming from. Really. The whole idea was to protest the idea that topless women draw much more attention than topless men. I get it. And if I lived in Portland, Maine I probably would have marched topless to show my support.

But I can honestly say that I would have enjoyed the view.

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