Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It's Okay to Dream...

This is a reaction to my friend Julie's recent post. I was thinking of putting this in the comments, but it was just too long once I started thinking it through.

So here's the thing. In my first visit with the therapist I just saw recently, we discovered that I was afraid to dream, because I was convinced I only got one shot at happiness and I didn't want to waste that one chance, so I never took it. It makes sense, in a weird way, but it's certainly not healthy.

Even if it's a dream you know isn't exactly fulfillable, like, say, walking on the moon, it's good for you to imagine the experience. Dream it.

If you don't, you just get depressed and withdrawn and unhappy. And of course you're not going to be happy, you can't dream. Can't hope for a better tomorrow.

Dream big. Dream lots. Dream small, too. Maybe keep lots of folders filled with different dreams of differing magnitudes. Keep one for the dreams that you know you can accomplish. Check them off one by one. Accomplishing goals and dreams is a good feeling. Almost as good as the initial rush of "I really, really want to do that someday."

Got a dream?


julie said...

I think the idea of multiple folders containing different "levels" of dreams is wonderful! All dreams don't have to be big, though there should definitely be room for Big Dreams. I'm going to create lots of different folders; small dreams, practical dreams, impossible dreams, silly dreams, day dreams, Big Dreams, etc.

Yes, I have dreams. You?

Madman said...

Yes. Some days more than others.

julie said...

Vague as ever! :)