Thursday, October 9, 2008

What I Want.... a potential romantic interest.

"What do you look for in a girl?" I get this questions a lot. Usually from someone who is hoping to set me up with a girl I know and wants some clue as to possible future success of the set-up.

And here's the honest to goodness truth: when I meet a girl, I look for something in her that I like. I don't hope there's a prerequisite of my own in her. Does that make sense? I don't go in to a situation thinking, "if I don't see this or that, well, no chance." I try to find out about her and see I like about her.

That said, there are things that I think are bonuses if a girl I am starting to be interested in happens to possess.

Music ability. I'm not talking about blow-you-away ability with an instrument or her voice. But being able to carry a tune, and somewhat confident about it is a big plus. I like duets, and I like to sing them. I've got a decent voice and I love singing, and it drives me nuts when a girl says, "Oh, I don't like to sing around you, because you have a great voice." Grrr!

Smart and has hobbies. I like intelligent women. Someone you can have a real conversation with, and you don't have to explain everything, just points she's not all that familiar with. And hobbies! Yes! Have something you like to do!

(I'm afraid I'll get yelled at for this one, but here we go...) I like voluptuous women. Are you done yelling that I'm a typical male yet? Okay, now I can continue, because there is a good reason behind this. The women in my immediate family, with one noticeable exception, are large-chested women. I grew up with it. I'm used to seeing it. So these women that are little twigs just don't seem right to me.

And I don't really have any particular qualities or habits that are instant "get away from me" qualities.

I really depend on how I feel with any girl. If I feel comfortable with a girl and enjoy being around her, that's what I'll do; be around her. If I'm just not feeling it, then we'll probably go our separate ways. I don't break it down to what caused that feeling. I trust my instincts and my emotions. My brain's going to put it together, whether I consciously participate in the process or not.

And, that, as they say, is that.

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