Friday, February 15, 2008

A Little Clarification....

....and maybe a little something extra.

I think my last post was maybe a little unclear.

I'm having a good upswing right now as far as Church activity goes. I actually want to go to church most of the time. What I'm concerned about is avoiding the burnout that, for me, comes with doing too much at one time.

I want to keep the feelings of wanting to go. The problem comes when I start feeling like I have to be there, rather than being there because I want to be there.

Should I try to find another ward that I might enjoy? This would help avoid the feeling of being obligated to go so my housemate has a ride. I know he could get a ride with others, he has before.

Should I just ask him to find a ride with someone else each week? I could probably come up with an activity that would cause me to arrive at church just in time. He likes to get there early to visit with the other members, so that would probably work.

Does my problem make a little more sense now? I want to keep up the positive feelings of wanting to be there and avoid the negative part of feeling obligated to be there, because I can't deal with those yet.

I promise, I'm working on it.

Anyway, I figured it would be fun to mention a couple of male singing voices I admire. I enjoy singing, and I feel I have a pretty decent voice.

Here are a couple voices I'm jealous of:

  1. Gene Kelly. His voice is so warm and filled with joy. He's amazing! Pretty good dancer, too.
  2. Kerry Dahlen. He sings bass in one of my favorite groups: The Coats! Seriously great bass voice, awesome range, and he has a great sense of humor to boot!
  3. Josh Isom. I sang with him for a year with the Institute choir in St. George. Truly, truly blessed with a great voice, just from pure talent. He makes singing seem so effortless, no matter what he is singing.
  4. Joe DeRieux. My Bishop from Kanab, he has an amazing voice. He also helped me discover the pure joy of singing, but I will always feel inadequate when I think of how his voice sounds.
  5. Meat Loaf. Yes, I'm serious. He can sing just about anything, and even if it's a fast song with tons of words, he can make each one understood. Plus he has a great storytelling quality to his singing voice.
Anyway, there you go. I'll probably think of another 3 later on this evening.

Oh well.

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