Sunday, March 25, 2012

An Odd Occurence

The power flickered last night. 

Not a big deal, really. It reset the clock we have in the bedroom. Oh, and it turned on the heaters in both rooms. 

We always turn the overhead heaters off before going to bed as I can't sleep with hot air blowing in my face and, well, we sleep under warm covers. For the coldest months we used a space heater to help keep the room bearable for my wife, whose body doesn't run as warm as mine does.

Anyway, I woke up early this morning, about 4:30, and had to go to the bathroom. I zombied back into bed. Then the overhead heater kicked on. "I didn't turn it on," said Chelsea, a little defensively  (to my ears anyway). 

I lay in bed for a few minutes, too lazy to want to get up and turn off the heater. I was hoping I could sleep with it on, but no luck. So I got up and turned off the bedroom heater. I could still hear a blowing sound, so I opened the bedroom door and turned off the unit in the other room.

Just a little weird. Usually power flickers turn things off, not on.


Dustin Smith said...

I woke up at 430 as well, but it wasn't for bathroom or anything, only because my heater unit was making an absurdly loud and consecutive beeping/buzzing noise, and when I went to turn it off, the control panel had no control over it. so I waited a little and just went back to bed, leaving the panel off and hoping the heater unit would obey.

refugee from reason said...

Our power flickered last week: It was shut off by Nevada Power at 8 in the morning...for non-payment. I called them and learned that I owed them nearly $700 for the past three months. When I told them that I had paid regularly, on time and electronically via my bank and gave them confirmation numbers, the quoted an address to me at which we hadn't lived for four years. They'd been misapplying my payments. I don't get "snailmail" bills, I get 'em electronically. All to say we had the same experience...and that "regulated monopolies" should be outlawed.

The Peaceful Pagoda said...

Yeah, I've never had power turn things on. Skynet! The machines rise!