Sunday, June 5, 2011


I don't know if this happens with other religions, but in the Mormon church we have what is known as "Testimony Meeting." This happens the first Sunday of every month. The premise is to set aside the first meeting, where all members of the ward meet together, so that those who feel so inclined can share their feelings about the Gospel.

I have mixed feelings about Testimony meeting.

There can be many wonderful thoughts and stirring experiences shared. I really like those particular testimonies.

There are a couple "kinds" of testimonies that I dread. The travelogue, where the speaker gives a long, winding story with too many details to explain why he feels the way he does. And there is the overly emotional testimony, where the speaker starts crying so hard that you can't understand her. That just gets uncomfortable.

Today, for example, one member of my ward stood up and said, "It's been a long road to get to where I am with the Church today..." At that point, I stopped paying attention and thought about other things. She may have had some important things to say, but as soon as I found out it was going to be a travelogue, I just couldn't listen anymore.

Does that make me a bad person?


refugee from reason said...

It's what you believe it is. Jews have Yom Kippur, our holiest day. We do it all at once, and silently, with specific prayers.

Without knowing you, save from the reading of this venue, I doubt quite seriously that you're a "bad person." Frankly, I think it's rather tough to reach that level.

On the other hand, I rather a "secular" Jew who attend Yom Kippur, Rosh Hashonah and evening prayers only to ensure that there's minion so that those who are religious can offer the prayers called for daily.

Finally, I could easily get into the issue of G**, but that's a personal, one on one conversation.

In Yiddish, I just suggest you be a mensch, a "good man." And you certainly know how to be that.

jgirl said...

not in the least Adam, I cringe at my fellow ward members' travel log type testimonies as well. To me, testimony meeting isn't the appropriate venue. Amen. ;0P

Adam said...

Well, I did say that a little tongue in cheek. If I got up and called everyone on it, I would feel bad.

But I wouldn't do that.

Thanks for the kind comments.