Thursday, June 2, 2011

Moving Forward...

I'll be honest. I've had moments of serious doubt about actually going to South Korea.

It has felt at times as though most of what could go wrong was going wrong. I felt completely powerless; not a feeling I enjoy having. Everything we have planned from 2012 on depends on us going to Korea.

I've quit my job. Turned down a position with Wells Fargo. Put off applying to grad school for another couple years. I've got students loans coming into payment. Bills. We received some very generous monetary gifts for the wedding, and that has helped us survive, but we've pinned everything on actually getting to Korea and earning two salaries there.

Our papers finally arrived at the school. After a week-long clearance delay. Really? On documents? A week to say the envelope is ok? Wow.

However, now that we're on to the next part of the process, I feel hopeful about actually getting there soon. It's a nice feeling.

And I'm feeling like my life is moving forward again.

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refugee from reason said...

Ah, the wheels of bureaucracy. I hope you enjoy the change and the move...and, as this is me, spicy (and good) food. All the best and post your adventures.