Sunday, February 27, 2011


I'm a little irritated.

More than a little, really. It snowed today. I like the snow. It's peaceful, beautiful and everything seems to be quieter when it snows. I put it this way in one of my French classes: "Quand il neige, le monde se couvre de silence."

Utah drivers in snow, on the other, drive me nuts. My little sister, who lives in Denver, put it this way: "When it snows in Denver, people stay home unless they absolutely need to go somewhere. In Utah, people think, 'Oh! It's so pretty, let's go drive in it!'"

Traffic gets heavier than normal when it's snowing. If I can avoid driving at all, I do. Unfortunately, I do need to drive to work.

AND, the person working the shift just before mine didn't see the need to sweep all the staircases. She did two of them. It took me an hour to sweep all the staircases. It usually takes 20 minutes or so when they've been swept at all during the previous shift.

So I'm irritated.


refugee from reason said...

Adam, with all respect, I've never been anywhere where I don't think what you articulated...I often wonder if everyone doesn't think that way.

It's one of the reasons I like major metro areas with public transportation so much. I don't recall ever driving a car in New York City, even when I went out to the shore for the summer.

Adam said...

I think I'd really like to live somewhere with public transportation. I could really get into that.

One of my professors has a friend that arranged to have a fairly big commute by bus. He uses the time to read. He averages three novels a work week. I like that idea.