Monday, January 24, 2011


I enjoy watching tennis quite a bit.

The Australian Open is going on right now. With the time difference, ESPN 2 shows the matches live at night. I guess being able to watch these matches live counts as a good thing about maintaining a graveyard schedule.

I (mentally) cheer for the US players, of course. The Williams sisters are so overpowering that their matches are almost embarrassing to watch. I feel bad for their opponents on most occasions. I am rather fond of Andy Roddick, and was disappointed to see him lose. I think my favorite to watch is John Isner. They guy is basketball-player tall. He also has a great attitude in the interviews I've seen. And, of course, he made history recently at Wimbledon. Longest. Match. Ever.

I started watching tennis when I lived with Louise. She was about sixty years old and ran the local fantasy gaming store in St. George. I rented a couple rooms from her. She is a huge tennis fan. I enjoyed watching TV with her most evenings, so I started watching tennis. And learned to love it.

Now I'm starting to understand what's happening, it's even more fun to watch. Even though my countrymen are out, there are several players that are a joy to watch. Pure artistry on the court. Federer. Nadal. Clijsters. And a new "favorite," Li Na from China.

Plus, watching tennis gives my mind a chance to wander and brainstorm story ideas. Quite a lot of fun.

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refugee from reason said...

I used to love to watch tennis, but with the demise of wooden racquets with the coincident the rise of "high-tech" implements of destruction and personality and finesse vacancies left by the likes of MacEnroe, Connors, Navritalova and several others, to me the game's become one of "big hitters" and rather dull. I used to love it and rarely miss a major, but now, well...

I do remember, years ago, seeing this giant fellow play on grass courts in DC, it was a tournament in Rock Creek Park and I couldn't believe the size of the guy -- He seemed to get across the court in two steps. As it turned out, it was one of Lendel's first tournaments.

Glad you enjoy it though.