Saturday, December 13, 2008

Can't Stand the Memories...

Not really, but I liked the idea of that title.

I've got a new project.

Why, yes, I am desperately trying to distract myself from the insane job situation I've got. Why do you ask?

I'm currently in the process of scanning in every picture I've got. Mostly from the negatives, as long as I have the negatives. I use the actual pictures when I have to.

I found my senior picture proofs. They're kind of funny. A couple look good.

Oh! And I found the only picture I have of myself as Charlie Brown! Hooray!

So there you go. A little sneak peak at what I've been doing!


BJ and Maria said...

Yup, I just spent two hours reading your blog - yeah pretty much every post. Feel very special - my hub and kids rarely get that much attention from me! Wonderful hearing the Adam I knew and feel like I still can relate to: likes and dislikes, feeling and thoughts, and struggles. I do wish you the best, please keep in touch I'm sure we have much to discuss!

Madman said...

Wow, that's pretty impressive, actually.

Thanks for reading!

Hope everything is going well for you!