Saturday, May 10, 2008

Well, This Could Get Interesting...

The elderly gentleman I live with has decided to live in an assisted living facility. Which is probably a really good thing for him. He is really forgetful right now, and if he forgot his meds for a couple days, that could get bad. Adding in his recent delusions about me having a live-in roomate, and it becomes a really good thing for him.

Heh. You think I'm leading up to the bad news for me, right? Sorry, but I'm going to disappoint you on that score.

I still get to live in the house, basically rent-free. My aunt Helen is asking me to pay the utilities, which is actually a really reasonable request. I agreed almost as soon as it was out of her mouth. I'm still gearing towards moving at the beginning of August, and the family is fine with that. One of his grandkids is getting married near the end of July, and the new couple may buy the house. That decision is pending. Aunt Helen hinted that if I wanted to stay and the new couple didn't want the house, that I would certainly have the option to buy. Kind of tempting, but I'm tired of Arizona.

And in the new development front, I really enjoy data entry. Does that make me crazy? I found a site that allows you to catalog your book collection. You can enter the books in by the ISBN number. It's really easy. The only problems I've had is that I have some international books that don't pull up, so I can't really catalog them. But that's quite all right. What got me is that I went through all the books in the largest bookcase I own and entered them all in in less than a half hour. Almost two hundred books in a half hour is pretty good, right?

Here's a link if you want to see my library and see what the site is like:

A feature of the site is that you can look and see who has a collection similar to yours, or see who has a particular book. It's actually kind of cool. Now I just have three smaller bookcases to go through, but I figure I can do that as I pack the books. Then I have everything listed, too! Hooray for me!

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