Saturday, December 22, 2007

Not Forgotten

Yes, I am still alive.

However, I am now without an internet connection at home. For two reasons: One, I no longer live in my apartment. Two, I canceled my internet subscription.

Okay, explanation time.

My Aunt Helen asked me a while back if I would be interested in living with her father-in-law, who recently had a stroke. It didn't affect his mind, but he did have to relearn how to walk. It involves free rent and free utilities, always wonderful, being there in the evenings and at night, not a problem, and doing some light housekeeping, which is now my goal to stay on top of.

I feel very blessed because this will allow me to save lots of money, and also give me a chance to buy the new iPod touch. Here's the kicker, the iPod touch has internet access by means of wi-fi, so I can find a hot spot, log on, and do my internet surfing on the go.

But I digress....

My new room-mate is a very wonderful man. I know he doesn't have an ounce of dislike in his body for anyone or anything. And I think it would be a very difficult task to find anyone would could dislike him. I'm hoping to be able to learn and adopt some of his characteristics. Of course, he has had years to develop them, but I want to learn.

I find myself hoping that he won't die for a while. He enjoys great health, but seems to be a little fragile.

Oh, and I need to get started on applying for Grad school. Shoot!

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julie said...

Merry Christmas!!!