Saturday, May 19, 2012

Ojo the Lucky... the name of a character in my favorite book: "The Patchwork Girl of Oz" by L. Frank Baum.

He starts out as Ojo the Unlucky for a variety of reasons, but by the end of the book comes to be known as Ojo the Lucky.

Ojo is also the name that Chelsea picked out for our new dog!

Here's Ojo!
We adopted him from his foster home. His foster lady was sad to be giving him away after a year, but she is going home to Canada for a couple months, then to Hong Kong for a new job and she wanted a more stable home for the poor guy. She called him Harry, but we knew a Harry here at the village and didn't think it suited the dog.

He's about 5 years old and (we believe) a Westie/Jindo mix. He also seems to be a bit "special needs." He's deathly afraid of stairs and heights. We have to pick him up to go down the stairs in our apartment building, but he tries to jump out as he doesn't like being carried. Once outside he perks right up. Wags his tail, gives himself a full-body shake and is off to explore.

He doesn't mind meeting people, and is patient when children pet him, but he would rather just do his own thing. He hasn't barked or growled or anything since we brought him home.

About the only thing that's gone wrong since we picked him up from the foster lady is that he had an accident on the way to Paju from Seoul. We rode the subway for a while and our bus was waiting when we exited the subway so we jumped on. I wish we could have let him out for a bit, but I didn't know of any park areas near the bus stop and traffic makes Ojo extremely nervous, so I think we made the right choice.

We just need to give him a bath. 

I'm a cat person, to be honest, but I rather like Ojo. Of course, a lot of his mannerisms are cat-like. He likes to rub his head against your leg or foot or whatever he's walking past. He's rather stubborn. 

I quite like Ojo. Glad we found him.

Exploring his new home for the first time and checking out the fool with the camera.


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Natasha said...

My children are fascinated. They look forward to meeting their new cousin.