Monday, October 25, 2010


...hunh. I don't think I have ever posted about baseball. I probably won't ever again.

The Texas Rangers will face the San Francisco Giants in the World Series. I'll be honest. I don't care about baseball. Not even a little. However, the Rangers beat the New York Yankees to get to the World Series. Why is that significant?

The Texas Rangers used to be the Washington Senators.

Why is that significant?

Go watch "Damn Yankees." It's a great musical. I haven't seen it in a long time. A part of the plot is the idea that the Washington Senators can never quite manage to beat those damn Yankees.

Now they finally have. They just had to move to Texas to do so. And it took 50 years.

Good for them. Now I have to find a copy of Damn Yankees to buy.


refugee from reason said...

First, I saw the original "Damn Yankees" with Gwen Verdon and Ray Walston on Broadway in 1956 or so. It remains a great musical today. Second, I was at the last Senators game back in the very early 70s when the Yankees beat them. And, third, it ain't a World Series for me without the Yanks.

Finally, you can get a "Damn Yankees" DVD at Amazon.

jgirl said...

Damn Yankees is a great musical! Actually, my other half had a role in it when SGMT put it on a few years ago. Baseball itself is boring though, bleh. ;0)

Adam said...

Refugee: First, that's pretty awesome! I've seen live performances of Damn Yankees,and I have the soundtrack to the original Broadway production. Love it! Second, that's another cool experience. Third, I understand a lot of people feel that way. Unless the Jazz are playing, I generally root for the underdog if I see a sports game. So I generally root against the Yankees, but it's not personal, they're just not usually the underdogs.

Jgirl: That's pretty cool that he was in a production. One of these days when I settle down, I'm going to audition for community musicals.

M. E. Morris said...

As a rule I don't pay attention to baseball, let alone sports. Even when the A's and the Giants went at it, I don't think I knew a World Series was going on until after the earthquake hit.

However, given that I could probably see Rangers Stadium if I stood on the roof of my house, I'm sure I'll hear all about it from multiple sources.

The funny thing is, although we went to grade school with hordes of A's fans (or perhaps because of that), my older brother is a Giants fan, and I sort of inherited that attitude.

It's rather odd having divided loyalties to a couple of teams that play a sport I care nothing about.

JadeLuckMoney said...

Uh-oh. Mama is a Yankees fan. Better watch what you say ;)

Adam said...

That's an odd mix of conflicting ideas, Matt. I like it, though. It may go into a story at some point.

Well, Chelsea, I don't usually discuss baseball, so i don't think there will be an issue.

refugee from reason said...

When it comes to the Yankees, I am a delusional man: They swept the World Series this year.