Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What ifs...

When it comes to stories, I like "What ifs." You know, like "What if Captain America and Phoenix had a kid together?"

When it comes to my own life, I'm not so fond of them. I like to have things set out in a line, and with too many options, my mind starts to lose track. I usually think in terms of "If this happens, then I'll do that." But I rarely go more than one or two steps down an optional road.

In my life right now, I have three possible outcomes in the next couple of months. I'm getting ready to apply to graduate schools. I only have enough money to apply to three, maybe four, so I'm making a lot of effort to choose the schools I think fit me best and that have the best chance of accepting me. I also anticipate a fairly nice tax return coming up. The three possible outcomes coming up are as follows:
  1. If I get accepted to a grad school, I use the tax return to move to wherever I have to go.
  2. If I don't get accepted, and I get a decent job, I'll stay in Cedar City for a little longer and go to Peru next summer.
  3. If I don't get accepted, and I don't get a decent job, then I'll move to wherever I find a decent job, possibly New Mexico.
I like having options, and I think these are good ones. I really want to go to grad school. That's the big plan. However, there's always the chance that I won't get accepted. Hence the other options.

I think it's a decent plan. I hope so, anyway.


refugee from reason said...

I've never very good at "what ifs." I'm generally wrong so I gave 'em up.

Peru's interesting though. Why there? I've a friend, who until he got a divorce a few months ago, lived there mostly. He was a part owner in a knitting mill...and liked it.

I was there what seems like a hundred years ago and it was interesting, but nowhere near as much my "cup of tea" as Europe.

You'll figure it out.

Adam said...

I hope it will all make itself clear. I just have to move forward and hope for the best.

Anyway, I spent two years in Peru while on a mission for the Mormon church. I'd love to get back and visit some friends with whom I've kept in contact. I'd also love to write about how people survive down there and what the less visited areas are like.

I'd love to go to Europe, too, but I can do Peru a lot cheaper.

julie said...

Yeah, what ifs can be fun or frustrating, depending on what's riding on the outcomes. I have a lot of what ifs in my life right now, too. I keep telling myself that having options is a lot better than being stuck. I felt stuck last fall and it was horrible!

Good luck with applying to grad school. I'm very optimistic that you'll get accepted into one...you're a smart cookie! And, it's good you have backup plans! Yay!