Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Sense of Smell...

I've lost my chapstick, and that's probably a good thing. It was your normal, black label, Chapstick brand chapstick. Nothing special about it. However, every time I used this chapstick, I thought of Amanda.

Amanda was the first girl I ever kissed. After that scary, exciting night of the first kiss, whenever she wanted to kiss me, she would ask if I needed any chapstick. She would then proceed to apply said chapstick to her own lips. Then she would share that chapstick with me. It was fun.

When I purchased the chapstick that I just lost, I had no idea that it was the same brand that Amanda used. In fact, I had not thought about Amanda in quite some time, except to refer to her as "my psycho ex." And she was. But that's not the point.

Every time I applied that chapstick to my lips, I could smell Amanda. I don't use chapstick all that often, so it wasn't a constant reminder, but it was irritating all the same.

Stupid smell/memory response.


julie said...

Oh how funny! I especially enjoyed how she'd ask you if you wanted chapstick then "share" with you. Teehee. Girls. We're funny.

Why was she psycho? Have you told me and I've forgotten? If so, I apologize and hope you'll tell me again. :)

Adam said...

I'm not sure if I've told you why, but there's plenty of reasons.

Bwa ha ha!

daniel said...
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Tongue Trip said...

i dont know about psycho but sure weird. hehe

Adam said...

Oh, this didn't make her a psycho. There were many, many other things that earned her that particular label.