Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thanks Joe!

He doesn't read this blog, but I want to thank my friend Joe Willis all the same.

When we lived together in Cedar City, about 4 years ago, he was addicted to Amélie, a French movie he watched almost constantly once it came out on DVD. He kept telling me that I should see this movie; that it was wonderful.

Of course, this is the same Joe that saw Napoleon Dynamite 13 times in the theater. And I didn't like that movie. At all. So I never got around to watching

Until today.

On a whim, because I'm stressed about money, and when I'm stressed about money I tend to make more impulse purchases, I bought
Amélie from Best Buy.

I just finished watching it.
Amélie is amazing! Such a great film! And in French, which I need to practice listening to anyway.

This movie made me believe in dreaming and falling in love again. I feel like I can hope to dream and fall in love. It's a nice feeling.

Thanks, Joe.

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