Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Life is insane.

Still don't have an apartment. We're waiting on the background check from my nephew's job. Once we have that, we should be able to get in. I hope. If not, I've made back up plans. (Thanks Julie! You're the best!)

I'm planning on doing a big blog about my recent trip to Colorado. I'd do it now, but I packed the notebook I made notes in, and I'm not sure what box it's in.

For now I'll say that I had a wonderful time. I had lots of fun. I LOVED the train ride and want to travel by train again.

That's all for now. Just wanted to let everybody know I'm still not dead. Heh.

1 comment:

julie said...

I'm glad you're not dead. I was getting worried there for a bit.

I hope things work out with the apartment, but if they don't, I hope things work out with the backup. :)